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Founded in 2007, The Nysen Group, LLC is a local & family owned business.  Located in Kendall County, IL., we are about 60 miles West of Chicago.  We are a  real estate investment company specializing in multi-family & commercial rental property. 


Our company began operations specializing in residential real estate. In 2016, the company expanded into the rental properties department.


Here at The Nysen Group, LLC, we value honesty and integrity.  The philosophy behind  our company is to provide energetic & creative real estate service backed by years of successful real estate experience and transactions.



Mission Statement


The mission of The Nysen Group, LLC and its affiliated companies is to be the most successful and respected full-service real estate company in the western suburbs of Chicago. We provide proven, professional and state-of-the-art techniques specializing in residential and commercial real estate. We are creative, innovative and people oriented organizations that believe in the local real estate market and its people. We quickly adapt to the diversity of individual homeowners, investors, residents, and market trends through sound leadership and an unparalleled industry expertise. We accomplish this through the use of technology and our unwavering commitment to service. Finally, we firmly believe that our businesses can be successful for generations only if we continue a tradition of honesty, integrity, and always striving to        serve  the Lord Jesus Christ in all we do.


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